La MediaNoche 2003 18.6. - 22.6.2003
VIP-Midsummer (juhannus) in a 230 m2 luxury Sea Lodge.
Where Situated on the west side of the bay at Pernaja (near Porvoo) on a hillside sloping down to the seashore.
What? Sitting in the sun, drinking, laying in the sun, sitting by the shore, dancing, avoiding dehydration, in the moonlight, in the sunshine, drinking some more, playing volley ball, sauna, swimming, eating, sauna, relaxing, sausages, sipping, music, sand, enjoying....
When? 18.6. (Wednesday) from 14.00 - 22.6 (Sunday) until 15.00
Why? Because it's summer and juhannus - and being alive and living are two different things!
Who? The event is organized by professional and innovative future (and current) hopes of this society. Everybody who registers for the event through one of these people is welcome. Additional information in the "Particiapte" menu.